Act Now

ACT NOW sees an America where communities eliminate the root causes of poverty, racism and the forces that bolster social inequities that undermine us and threaten our safety.

ACT NOW helps communities reimagine what they can become.

Youth developed, youth-led movement to take back our communities as safe spaces where everyone thrives and youth achieve their full potential.

ACT NOW is bi-partisan effort to reimage community safety and through deflection strategies to keep young people out of the criminal justice system. Civic organizations, faith communities, local business and ordinary citizens come together, working in collaboration with the criminal justice system to build relationships that will help young people to thrive. We listen, learn, and support diverse communities throughout the nation.

These communities take action to evolve policing, housing, employment, healthcare, education and more. All to engage youth in finding solutions that will alter their lives and the welfare of their communities.

We listen, learn, and ACT NOW together.

ACT NOW takes a human-centered approach to our work. We co-design, co-implement, and co-evaluate in partnership with each community.

We do this through three program pillars:

  •  Listening Sessions
  • Breaking bread events
  • Organized local action


ACT NOW is in 16 communities including rural, urban, counties, statewide, and tribal sites. Each site works on challenges unique to their community. Each is reimagining community policing, housing, education, and more to realize their vision of community safety.

ACT NOW to create lasting change in your community.

The conversation started with policing, but it can’t, and won’t end there.

Emmett Till, Trayvon Martin, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tyre Nichols and the deaths of so many spurred a national conversation. That conversation continues among a group of national thought leaders, funders, and social action experts. All are seeking to listen and learn from the people most affected by conditions in their communities that produce such tragic outcomes. What they heard is that “the people” must take charge of their lives and their communities.

We must ACT NOW to create the type of community safety we want. Individuals and families, neighbors and communities can mobilize and ACT NOW.