Christopher Smith

Technical Advisor & Web Administrator

Financial Officer & Technical Director
Strategic Applications International, LLC

With a widely varying skillset refined through an extensive academic and vocational background, Christopher joined us following a 17-year career in the food and hospitality industry. As his time as a culinary artist came to a shining close with six years as a chef, his second act opened with a B.S. through UMD Global Campus’s Networking and Cybersecurity program.

Initially brought on board at Strategic Applications International, LLC (SAI) as a financial officer, Christopher still fulfills many of the duties of that role. At the same time, his responsibilities have evolved to include myriad administrative tasks, e.g., travel & logistics, grant management, drafting contracts, and preparing tax forms. Moreover, expanding upon his support staff position, Chris has grown into one of the team’s contributing writers and editors.

His work has featured in publications after each iteration of the COPS Office-sponsored Officer Safety & Wellness Group’s (OSWG) Emerging Issues Forums. After a few years in the realm of OSW, he was asked to co-author a pair of monographs on behalf of the COPS Office with members of the SAI team – October 2019’s Less-Lethal Weaponry, Post-Traumatic Stress, and Their Impact on Officer Safety and Wellness: Emerging Issues and Recommendations with James E. Copple & December 2018’s Rank and File: Reflections on Emerging Issues in Law Enforcement with Mary-Jo Robinson.

SAI’s small-business Swiss-army knife - his experience managing diverse groups has given him the real-life training to thrive in a wide range of professional environments. The last few years have afforded Chris new opportunities to employ his computer science and networking background as a Technical Advisor and Web Developer for SAI’s in-house programs and clients and their current collaborative project, ACT NOW. Whether it’s from within, as a team leader, or guiding a group through dialogue as a third-party facilitator, Chris can adapt and pivot on a dime in an era where change is constant.

Away from SAI, Chris is a tireless parent, three-season athletic coach, and scout leader. Also a frequent volunteer for his children’s school and local organizations, he’s served on the technology committee and provided network support to Baltimore parochial schools for over a decade. In addition to sharing two exceptional children with him, Chris’s partner is a licensed Master of Social Work specializing in elementary and middle school-aged children who currently splits her time between Kennedy-Krieger and private practice.