Lynette Grey Bull

Consultant, Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women

Lynnette Grey Bull has been an active advocate for Indian Country for over 10 years. Ms. Grey Bull is the
Founder/Director of Not Our Native Daughters - an organization that focuses on the work and education
of Human Trafficking and the Missing, Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls. Not Our Native Daughters
has educated over 7500 professionals, both in urban and tribal communities since 2010.

Lynnette presently serves:
• The Colorado Missing, Murdered & Indigenous Relatives Task Force.
• Wyoming's Missing, Murdered & Indigenous Persons Task Force.
• Wyoming's Human Trafficking Task Force.
• Leads a Native Youth Group - Indigenous Youth Voices - Environmental Justice and Outdoor Recreation Group.
• Board member for Ileihno Bopachemihn, Inc; Tribal Oak Tree, a Foster Family Agency that serves Native American families based in Sacramento and San Diego, California.

Lynnette’s prior work;
• Chair of the Arizona Commission of Indian Affairs.
• She is a former Trainer & Advisor Consultant for the DOJ AMBER Alert Program.
• Volunteer lead & advocate for Women Restorative Healing Circle in the Central Arizona Florence Correctional Complex - Florence, AZ.
Lynnette has worked as a Subject-Matter-Expert and Tribal Liaison on various research and documentary
projects. Lynnette was nominated U.S. House of Representatives Democratic Candidate (2020 & 2022).
Lynnette GreyBull was the first Native American to run for federal office in the state of Wyoming and is dedicated =to advancing democracy in Indian Country.

Grey Bull has provided Congressional testimonies and lobbied on the following:
• The Tribal Heritage & Grizzly Bear Protection Act, 2019;
• Not Invisible Act 2019;
• Tribal Youth Suicide Prevention (2016).

Ms. Grey bull strives for the growth of a future where Native Americans prevail in all the same areas where other ethnicities succeed.