The People’s Commissions

The core of ACT NOW is The People’s Commissions. The People’s Commissions consist of citizens, local leaders, civil rights activists, law enforcement, government agencies, faith organizations, and others seeking to reject the status quo and reimagine their communities.


Currently, there are 15 People’s Commissions actively organizing across the country.


What The People’s Commissions Do

The People’s Commissions collaborate to reimagine ‘public safety’ as ‘community safety’ and eliminate the root causes of systemic racism and the inequities it produces in employment, housing, health care, education, and access to financial resources, while promoting justice in the rule of law.

ACT NOW’s 5-step process offers communities the methodology to uncover the barriers and enablers to the community they want, put a plan in place to work on it, and carry out that plan to create real change.

Establish a People’s Commission that builds a foundation to ensure community members are heard and engaged in the process of reimaging and recreating the community they want.

  • Identify and engage stakeholders to participate in the People’s Commission
  • Establish a core vision, values, and message
  • Mobilize support groups
  • Engage community stakeholders

Focus on listening and learning. 

  • Nurture new relationships that are seated in trust
  • Understand community issues through interviews, meetings, and town halls
  • Uncover change catalysts – the people and processes that empower community change
  • Identify priority issues and solutions to overcome obstacles to realizing the desired change
  • Devising a work plan based on the Commission’s priority issues

Develop alternative community-driven ideas to make the desired change.

  • Involve interested stakeholders across public, private, and civic groups
  • Seek out counsel from historically marginalized people
  • Develop potential solutions TOGETHER

Evaluate and select change ideas that foster the greatest potential to realize the community desired and set goals to achieve it.

  • Compare potential solutions to current research and practices
  • Field test potential solutions with stakeholders across sector – community, public, and private
  • Develop a rigorous data collection process
  • Showcase findings through narratives and action reports

Identify objective measures to assess realizing objective goals

  • Foster trust with local communities
  • Promote fair and impartial community safety
  • Establish sustainable capacity-building to ensure lasting collaboration and change

Want to create lasting change in your community?

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