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Dr. Obed Magny, EdD

Founder & CEO Magny Leadership

Dr. Obed Magny, EdD, Founder, and CEO of Magny Leadership, is a former police officer with nearly two decades of law enforcement experience.

An international keynote speaker and advocate for evidence-based policing, he has established a curriculum that offers emotional intelligence training for police officers. Dr. Magny helps law enforcement organizations build trust and legitimacy through innovative strategies. His mission is to shift the perception of public safety by reducing negative interactions between officers and the public.

Dr. Magny has taught Diversity and Intercultural Aspects of Leadership and created qualitative research classes at the doctoral level. He has spoken to various groups across the United States and around the globe on numerous policing-related issues. Dr. Magny has also worked with many organizations in the public and private sectors, e.g., public safety, K-12 schooling, and university/college campus security. He has coached many police chiefs, leaders in policing, high school principals, and leaders from a wide variety of industries.

Dr. Magny is a Co-Founder of the American Society of Evidence-Based Policing, a Policing Fellow with the National Police Foundation, a National Institute of Justice LEADS (Law Enforcement Advancing Data and Science) Scholar Alumni, and adjunct professor at Brandman University (CA) and The University of Cincinnati (OH).