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Dylan Sellers

National HBCU Manager Campus Vote Project

Local Community Organizer

Dylan is a community organizer appointed as an inaugural member of the Cleveland Policing Commission as part of the Department of Justice Consent Decree with the City of Cleveland, where he served for three years, and continues to do extensive work with the Cleveland NAACP. Dylan was born and raised in Cleveland, OH, and is the oldest of five children. He attended Kent State University where he majored in Pan African Studies, served as President of Black United Students, and co-founded the New Abolitionists Association, under the umbrella of Children’s Defense Fund. During this time, Dylan also assisted Ms. Tracy Heard in the Ohio House of Representatives. His upbringing and work with these organizations inspired Dylan to continue grassroots/community organizing. Dylan is also very passionate about the education and empowerment of marginalized children and families in Greater Cleveland. Dylan has served as a Project Director of the Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools at Olivet Institutional Baptist Church. He is now the Ohio Coordinator for Campus Vote Project, where he works with students and administrators at colleges and universities to institutionalize voting and civic engagement. He is also happily married to his beautiful wife, Sharmayne Freeman-Sellers.